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Practical Handbook For Professional Investigators
by Rory J. McMahon

Professional Investigators Book


  • Contains new chapters on death and terrorism investigation
  • Explores insurance fraud, fire and arson investigation, and liability claims investigation
  • Includes new sections on surveillance, subpoenas, and testifying in court
  • Summarizes the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Explores niche markets in the investigative industry
  • Provides tips for starting and running a successful investigative agency
An increase in fraud cases has escalated government accountability and corporate oversight, and media attention on cases ranging from missing persons to white-collar crime has increased the visibility of professional investigators. This has resulted in a great source of increased work for the profession. The third edition of Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators continues to supply an up-to-date, nuts-and-bolts learning tool for students and an everyday reference for investigative professionals at all levels.
More relevant than ever, this edition adds two new chapters on death and terrorism investigations and several new sections, including:
  • Insurance fraud, fire and arson investigation, and liability claims investigation
  • Indicators of online marital infidelity
  • Obtaining governmental records to locate people and sample reports for skip tracing
  • Practical considerations for surveillance and procedures for interception of wire or oral communications
  • Service of subpoenas for witnesses in federal courts
  • Testifying in court—including witness and evidence preparation, trial tactics used by attorneys, and an investigator’s rights as a witness
  • The Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Niche markets in the investigative industry
  • Managing and marketing an investigative practice, running a paperless office, and customer retention
    An unparalleled guide to the ins and outs of private investigation, Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, Third Edition belongs on the shelf of every professional and trainee.

  • Presents the basics of professional investigation from licensure and business advice to proven investigative tactics
  • Provides updated case studies illustrating both civil and criminal case investigation
  • Offers numerous online database service providers and Web sites for faster searching
  • Includes names and contact information for all internationally, nationally, and state-run professional associations

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A highly useful reference, the Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, Third Edition describes the range of investigations for which a professional investigator's services might be required such as criminal investigations, fraud detection and investigation, surveillance, arson and insurance, skip tracing, and missing persons. Packed with case studies and examples drawn from the author's 33 years of experience, this handy resource covers everything from how to set up, market, and run an agency to the ethics of confidentiality and conflict of interest. It includes sections on how to get licensed, how to use various lo- and high-tech investigative tools including the internet, and how to take statements and implement effective interview and interrogation tactics by the non-law enforcement professional.

Only $89.95
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Fraud Investigations Book

A Textbook on How to Conduct White Collar Crime and Financial Investigations
By Rory J. McMahon

Written by Rory J. McMahon, an experienced, certified legal investigator with twelve years of federal law enforcement experience, this exciting new book provides the inside detail, the tools, the techniques and the background you will use to succeed in the fascinating world of fraud investigations.

372 Pages
(8.5” x 11”)
Revised 2010 Edition Only $65.00
(Plus $5.00 Shipping and Handling)

The Legal Investigator called Fraud Investigationsone of the most comprehensive, clearly written and complete works on the subject ... recommend that it become a staple in the cupboard of even the most experienced investigator.”

McMahon provides a general overview of the
Financial Investigator. He then breaks down the various categories with complete explanations, examples and even a vocabulary review to enhance the reader’s knowledge. References to current federal legislation, sources of information and examples provide a complete coverage of each area of financial investigation from Bankruptcy Fraud to Wire Fraud and everything in between. A well organized glossary and index provide the reader with easy to find citations. In fact, the glossary by itself makes an excellent and thorough dictionary of terms used in the world of financial fraud.
Kitty Hailey, CLI

"One of the most clearly written
and comprehensive reference guides
to investigating fraud."
Jimmie Mesis PI Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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